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Charles Merriam

Charles Merriam

From the very beginning, the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago has been a pioneer in the development of social scientific understandings of government and politics. Harold Gosnell, Harold Lasswell, Grant McConnell, Duncan MacRae, Charles Merriam, Hans Morgenthau, Herbert Storing, and Quincy Wright all taught at Chicago.

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Political Science News and Faculty in the Media

11/20/15  Assistant Professor Paul Staniland's book, Networks of Rebellion, was referenced in the Political Science @ a Glance blog post titled "Remember Daesh is a Network" by Deborah Avant.

11/16/15 "This Land Was Your Land." Read the article in Foreign Policy by Assistant Professor Michael Albertus, which links to his book Autocracy and Redistribution: The Politics of Land Reform.

11/10/15   Professor John Patty is quoted in the Washington Post article by Chris Blattman titled "Political scientists are debating a new initiative to make research more trustworthy. Here’s why I’m skeptical."

11/10/15   The Black Voices section of the Huffington Post discusses a report released by the Black Youth Project on "ways young people of color are engaged in political and social issues in comparison to their white counterparts." Read the article here. The Black Youth Project is led by Chair and Professor, Cathy Cohen.

11/04/15  Chair and Professor, Cathy Cohen, is quoted in an article by the Associated Press titled "Half of Black Millennials Know Victim of Police Violence." Professor Cohen is also the leader of the Black Youth Project.

10/29/15 "The Key To Peace In Colombia Is In Its Countryside." Read the article here in Forbes, written by Assistant Professor Michael Albertus, and University of Denver, Assistant Professor Oliver Kaplan. The article is based on Albertus' book, Autocracy and Redistribution: The Politics of Land Reform.

10/21/15 "Piketty thinks South Africa needs to redistribute land. Democracies can’t do that. Dictators can." Read the article here in the Washington Post by Assistant Professor Michael Albertus, based on his recently published book, Autocracy and Redistribution: The Politics of Land Reform.

9/23/15 Please join the department in congratulating Assistant Professor Paul Staniland. His book, Networks of Rebellion, has been chosen by Georgetown University's Lepgold Book Prize committee as "the best book on international relations published in 2014." In recognition, Paul will receive an honorarium from Georgetown and has been invited to give a talk to students and faculty based on his book. The committee will also host a dinner in his honor.

9/23/15 Congratulations to Assistant Professor Michael Albertus. His first book, Autocracy and Redistribution: The Politics of Land Reform, has been published by Cambridge University Press. It is available at the following: http://www.amazon.com/Autocracy-Redistribution-Politics-Cambridge-Comparative/dp/1107514304, and, Cambridge University Press: www.cambridge.org/9781107514300

8/18/15 Assistant Professor, Paul Staniland, discusses electoral violence. Read the Washington Post article here.

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