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Charles Merriam

Charles Merriam

From the very beginning, the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago has been a pioneer in the development of social scientific understandings of government and politics. Harold Gosnell, Harold Lasswell, Grant McConnell, Duncan MacRae, Charles Merriam, Hans Morgenthau, Herbert Storing, and Quincy Wright all taught at Chicago.

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Political Science News

5/21/15: Undergraduate Aerik Francis receives a Minority Fellowship Award from the American Political Science Association, which is given to students wishing to continue their education in the field of political science.

5/18/15: Jonathan Obert wins the Burnham Award for the best dissertation in the field of Politics and History.

5/13/15: Congratulations to Jonathan Obert, who won the Richard Saller Dissertation Prize in the Division of Social Sciences for his dissertation, "Six Guns and State Formation: The Co-Evolution of Public and Private Violence in American Political Development."

5/11/15: H-Diplo and the International Studies Association's Security Studies Section publishes review of Assistant Professor Paul Staniland's book, Networks of Rebellion: Explaining Insurgent Cohesion and Collapse, in Roundtable



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