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Charles Merriam

Charles Merriam

From the very beginning, the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago has been a pioneer in the development of social scientific understandings of government and politics. Harold Gosnell, Harold Lasswell, Grant McConnell, Duncan MacRae, Charles Merriam, Hans Morgenthau, Herbert Storing, and Quincy Wright all taught at Chicago.

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Politics @ UChicago News

Professor Charles Lipson comments on new government regulations for cattle and dairy farmers. Read it in Chicago Tribune.

Assistant Professor Stan Markus discusses the implications of US sanctions on Russia. Watch the interview here.

Third-year political science major Yusef Al-Jarani was selected as one of the College's four Truman Scholars. Read more here.

Professor William Howell argues that the latest congressional bill is a symbolic assault against the President. Read it here.

Political Science News

The Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference will take place April 3-6, 2014, at the Historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago.


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