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Tentative Courses Spring 2023

Name Number Course Title
Brehm, John PLSC 22400  Public Opinion 
Brehm, John PLSC 43300  Political Psychology 
Conley, Patricia PLSC 22913 The Practice of Social Science Research (consent only)
Eggers, Andrew PLSC 48101 Field Seminar in Comparative Politics II
Getachew & Zerilli PLSC 41111 Sylvia Wynter and the Decolonization of Political Theory (CCCT 41111)
Getachew, Adom PLSC 22755 Idea of Africa 
Gulotty & Hansen PLSC 30700 Intro to Linear Models
Gulotty, Robert PLSC 39501 International Political Economy
Hansen, Mark PLSC 24202 Chicago Politics
Herrigel, Gary PLSC 45705 Histories of Global Capitalism since Hobson
Howell, William PLSC 25215 The American Presidency
Landauer, Matthew PLSC 22505 Knowledge and Politics 
Luo, Zhaotian PLSC 40815  New Directions in Formal Theory
Mearsheimer, John PLSC 28300 Realism 
Mearsheimer, John PLSC 41502 Foundations of Realism 2
Mearsheimer, John PLSC 28400/49500  American Grand Strategy 
Muthu, Sankar PLSC 25610 Authority, Obligation and Dissent
Muthu, Sankar PLSC 35901 Enlightenment Political Thought
Offer-Westort, Molly PLSC 40601 Advanced Topics in Causal Inference (consent only)
Pape, Robert PLSC 28602/38602 American National Security Strategy
Pape, Robert PLSC 40510 Political Violence in America Today
Pitts, Jennifer PLSC 22013/42013 Adam Smith’s Social and Political Thought (CCCT 22013/42013)
Pitts, Jennifer PLSC 33010 Liberalism and Empire
Poast, Paul PLSC 48401 Quantitative Security
Tarcov, Nathan PLSC 20801/32101 Machiavelli's Literary Works
Wilson, James PLSC 28701 Intro to Political Theory
Yang, Dali PLSC 28850  Chinese Foreign and Global Policy