These working papers represent only a small sampling of the innovative research currently being conducted by our faculty members.

Albertus, Michael. "The Fate of Authoritarian Elites Under Democracy."

Albertus, Michael. "Political Regimes and the Property Rights Gap."

Carson, Austin. "Rethinking Secrecy in International Politics."

Cordelli, Chiara. "Fair Equality of Opportunity, Epistemic Uncertainty and Relational Advantages."

Cordelli, Chiara. "Justice and Social Capital Inequalities."

Gulotty, Robert. "Cheap Dollars: The Political Economy of Overvaluation" (with Dorothy Kronick).

Gulotty, Robert. "Regulatory Protectionism, MNC Profits, and the Limits of International Cooperation."

Howell, William. "Presidential Prescriptions for State Policy: Obama’s Race to the Top Initiative."

Howell, William. "The Politician’s Province" (with S. Wolton).

Landauer, Matthew. "Open Initiative and Popular Power in Ancient Greece."

Lessing, Benjamin. "Endogenous State Weakness: Paramilitaries and Electoral Politics" (with F. Daniel Hidalgo).

Lessing, Benjamin. "Quantitative Event-level Datasets of Drug Violence from Local Media Reports in Three Countries."

Nalepa, Monika. "Religion and Anti-Authoritarian Resistance: Evidence from Communist Poland" (with Grigore Pop-Eleches).

Nalepa, Monika. "Electoral Systems and Programmatic Parties: The Institutional Underpinnings of Parties' Ideological Cohesion" (with Royce Carroll).

Oliver, Eric. "Moral Intuitions or Political Rhetoric? A Reexamination of Ideological Differences across the Moral Foundations Scale" (with Thomas Wood). 

Oliver, Eric. "Liberellas vs. Konservatives: Status, Ideology, and Baby Names" (with Alexandra Bass and Thomas Wood).

Patty, John. "Sequential Adjudication" (with Deborah Beim and Tom Clark).

Patty, John. "Preventing Prevention" (with Sean Gailmard).

Penn, Elizabeth Maggie. "An Experiment on Inequality, Social Comparisons, and Individual Values" (with Rebecca Morton and Kai Ou).

Penn, Elizabeth Maggie. "Preference for Representation Versus Preference for Policy" (with John Patty).

Staniland, Paul. "Armed Politics and the Study of Intrastate Conflict."

Staniland, Paul. "The Politics of Pakistani Strategy on the North West Frontier" (with Asfandyar Mir and Sameer Lalwani).

Wilson, James. "The Complexity of Majority Rule in The Federalist Papers."

Wilson, James. "Democracy and Equality of Political Status."