Jordie Davies is a Political Science doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago, studying American political behavior. Jordie is a Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellow.

Jordie’s dissertation, "From Adherents to Activists: The Process of Social Movement Mobilization" examines social movement support and participation at the aggregate and local levels, breaking down the various paths to political activism in contemporary progressive and racial justice movements, especially the Movement for Black Lives. She deploys public opinion, qualitative interviews, and survey experimental research methodologies in her project.

Jordie’s broader research interests include Black politics, social movements, political participation, and political communication. Her research agenda focuses on the influence of social movements and new media on political attitudes and participation.

Jordie’s dissertation research is supported by Berkeley’s Center on Democracy and Organizing, and she has been awarded the Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, the Diversifying Faculty in Illinois Fellowship, and the APSA Minority Fellows Grant.

Jordie holds a Master of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. She received a BA in Political Science from Emory University, in Atlanta, GA, with a minor in Educational Studies. 

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