The department's sophisticated and flexible graduate training prepares its students to compete for the country's top academic positions and postdoctoral fellowships, as well as careers in the private sector, non-profit organizations, and government. Supplementing the guidance of your dissertation committee, the department offers numerous resources for preparing graduate students for the job market. The director of placement (in 2016-17 the co-directors are Professors Sankar Muthu and Paul Poast) schedules faculty-led professionalization workshops throughout the year on key topics like academic publishing, crafting application letters, and the hiring process. The department has a long history of hosting practice job talks, where students entering the academic job market receive critical feedback and advice from faculty and peers.

In addition, the Social Sciences Division's Emerging Leaders Initiative "complements the traditional academic education of PhD students in the Social Sciences by providing supplemental training and experience in areas that will contribute to preparing students to becoming future leaders in their fields." The University's UChicagoGRAD offers a robust program of events and workshops designed to help students discern career paths and to help with career development.

The vitality of our graduate program is apparent in the list of awards and fellowships won by our graduate students each year, as well as by students' post-graduate careers. Worthy of note is our students' exceptional performance on the tenure-track job market in 2016: Sofia Fenner at Bryn Mawr College; Allison Harris at Pennsylvania State University after at year at Princeton as a postdoctoral fellow; Juan Ibarra at Colgate University; and Ethan Porter at George Washington University. 

After completing postdoctoral fellowships these recent graduates will begin tenure track positions in 2016: David Benson at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Maxwell AFB; Loren Goldman at the University of Pennsylvania; Diana Kim at Georgetown University; Ainsley Lesure at Occidental College; and Benjamin Lynerd at Christopher Newport University. 

In 2016, these recent graduates will hold postdoctoral fellowships: Christopher Berk at the University of Virginia; Joseph Ford at the University of Notre Dame; Junyan Jiang at the University of Pennsylvania; Eric Hundman at Dartmouth College; Morgan Kaplan at Harvard University; Steven Klein at the European Union Institute, and Daniel Luban at Yale University. 

For a more detailed placement history, please see here

2015-16 Departmental Placement Workshops

October 2015: Preparing for Your Job Talk with Austin Carson, Adom Getachew, Bobby Gulotty, and Deme Kasimis

January 2016: Getting an Academic Job with Eric Oliver

May 2016: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Profession and Weren't Afraid to Ask with John McCormick and Dan Slater

June 2016: Writing Your Cover Letter with Eric Oliver and Paul Poast

2014-15 Departmental Placement Workshops

December 2014: Writing to Publish with Will Howell

February 2015: Getting and Keeping Your Academic Job with Mark Hansen

May 2015: Going on the Job Market with Paul Staniland

June 2015: Writing Your Cover Letter with Jennifer Pitts and Gary Herrigel