Name   PhD Date Dissertation Title
Parasher Tejas 2019 Self-Rule and the State in Indian Political Thought, 1880-1950 (APSA Leo Strauss Best Dissertation Award 2020, co-winner)
Pinheiro Lucas 2019 Factories of Modernity: Labor, Aesthetics, and the Racial Politics of Historical Capitalism (APSA Organized Section: New Political Science Stephen E. Bronner Dissertation Award 2020)
Lee Yeonju 2018 Democracy Without Redistribution: The Sense of Injustice, Perceived Inequality, and Preferences for Redistribution in East Asia (HCEO Dissertation Prize 2019)
Blair Amanda 2017 Going Beyond Accountability and Untangling the Politics of Conflict-Related Rape (APSA Organized Section: Women and Politics Research Best Dissertation Award 2018)
Levinson Chad 2017 Moral Subsidy: The Origins of Influential Extra-Governmental Organizations in US National Security Politics (APSA Leonard D. White Award 2019)
Mackinnon Emma Stone 2017 Imperial Promises: The Contested Politics of Human Rights in the Twentieth Century (SSD Saller Dissertation Prize 2018)
Park Nara 2017 The Nature of Japanese Governance: Seikai-Tensin (政界転身)’s Political Success in Postwar Japan, 1947-2014 (APSA Organized Section: Legislative Studies: Carl Albert Dissertation Award 2019)
Harris Allison 2016 Who’s on the Bench?: Political Implications of Judicial Characteristics and Judicial Selection Methods in the U.S. (APSA Edward S. Corwin Award 2017)
Johnson Sarah 2015 Ages We Live By: Historical Periodization in Social and Political Thought, The (APSA Organized Section: Politics and History Burnham Award 2016)
Obert Jonathan  2014 Six Guns and State-Formation: The Co-Evolution of Public and Private Violence in American Political Development (APSA Organized Section: Politics and History Burnham Award 2015; SSD Richard Saller Dissertation Prize 2015)
Rogowski Jon 2012 Representation and the Electoral Connection (APSA E.E. Schattschneider Award 2013)
Callen Zachary 2009 Seams of the State:  Infrastructure and Intergovernmental Relations in American State Building, The (APSA William Anderson Award 2010)
Gundlupet Vaidya 2008 Big Sticks and Contested Carrots: A Power-Centric Theory of International Security Institutions (APSA Organized Section: International Security: Kenneth N. Waltz Award 2009)
Jenco Leigh 2007 Individuals, Institutions, and Political Change: The Political Theory of Zhang Shizhao (APSA Leo Strauss Award 2008)
Boucoyannis Deborah 2005 Land, Courts, and Parliaments: The Hidden Sinews of Power in the Emergence of Constitutionalism (APSA Organized Section: European Politics: Ernst B. Haas Award 2006 and Seymour Martin Lipset Award 2006)
Kim Joon Suk 2005 Making States Federatively: Alternative Routes of State Formation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (APSA William Anderson Award 2006)
Rolfe Meredith 2005 Social Theory of Voter Turnout, A (APSA Organized Section:Political Economy: Mancur Olson Award 2007)
Downes Alexander 2004 Targeting Civilians in War (APSA Helen Dwight Reid Award 2006)
Trejo Osorio Guillermo 2004 Indigenous Insurgency: Protest, Rebellion and the Politicization of Ethnicity in 20th Century Mexico (APSA Organized Section: Political Economy: Mancur Olson Award 2006)
Kocher Matthew 2004 Human Ecology and Civil War (APSA Gabriel A. Almond Award 2006)
Berry Christopher 2002 Imperfect Union: Fiscal Externalities in Multi-Level Governments (APSA William Anderson Award 2004)
Tarnopolsky Christina 2002 Plato and the Politics of Shame (APSA Leo Strauss Award 2004)
Scherer Nancy 2001 Making a Point: The Politicization of the Lower Federal Court Appointments in the Modern Political Era (APSA Edward S. Corwin Award 2002)
Gould Deborah 2000 Sex, Death, and the Politics of Anger: Emotions and Reason in ACT UP's Fight Against AIDS (APSA E.E. Schattschneider Award 2002)
van Houten Pieter 2000 Regional Assertiveness in Western Europe: Political Constraints and the Role of Party Competition (APSA William Anderson Award 2001)
Kim Sung Ho 1997 Of "Sect Man": The Modern Self and Civil Society in Max Weber's Political Thought (APSA Leo Strauss Award 1998)
Carpenter Daniel P. 1996 Corporate Identity and Administrative Capacity in Executive Departments, 1862-1932 (APSA Harold D. Lasswell Award 1998)
Mattli Walter 1994 Logic of Regional Integration: Europe and Beyond, The (APSA Helen Dwight Reid Award 1995)
Conley Patricia 1994 Presidential Mandates: How Elections Shape the National Agenda (APSA E.E. Schattschneider Award 1996)
Pizza David Anthony 1994 Structure and Cooperation in Party Politics: The Development of Urban Party Organizations in the United States, 1896-1930 (APSA William Anderson Award 1995)
Stuart Guy Donald 1994 Social Construction of Risk in Mortgage Lending, The (APSA Organized Section: Urban Politics 1995)
Kalyvas Stathis 1993 Religious Mobilization and Party Formation: Confessional Parties and the Christian Democratic Phenomenon (SSD Marc Perry Galler Best Dissertation Prize 1994)
John DeWitt 1992 States at the Center of Environmental Politics (APSA William Anderson Award 1994)
Romm Stuart 1992 Death and Taxes: The Origins of the Coercive Extractive State (SSD Marc Perry Galler Best Dissertation Prize 1993)
Sparrow Bartholomew  1991 From the Outside In: The Effects of World War II on the American State (APSA Leonard D. White Award 1992)
Tang Wen Fang 1990 Will Workers Rule? Workplace Democracy in Chinese Local Industries (SSD Marc Perry Galler Best Dissertation Prize 1991)
Downing Brian 1989 Military Revolution and Political Change in Early Modern Europe, The (APSA Gabriel A. Almond Award 1990)
Rabe Barry George 1985 Functional Federalism and the Management of Federal Programs in Health Care and Education (APSA William Anderson Award 1987)
Grant Ruth Weissbourd 1984 John Locke's Liberalism (APSA Leo Strauss Award 1985)
Dunham Andrew B. 1981 Health and Politics: The Impact of Certificate of Need Regulation (APSA William Anderson Award 1982)
Gillespie Michael Allen 1981 Hegel, Heidegger, and the Ontological Ground of History (APSA Leo Strauss Award 1982)
Andersen Kristi Jean 1976 How Realignments Happen: Mobilization and the Creation of a Democratic Majority, 1928-1936 (APSA E.E. Schattschneider Award 1977)
Pollingue Mary Louise 1975 Commentary on Plato's Phaedrus, A (APSA Leo Strauss Award 1977)
Rich Robert  1975 Investigation of Information Gathering and Handling in Seven Federal Bureaucracies: A Case Study of the Continuous National Survey, An (APSA Leonard D. White Award 1976)
Henry Laurin Luther 1960 Presidential Transitions (APSA Leonard D. White Award 1961)
Elazar Daniel J. 1959 Intergovernmental Relations in Nineteenth Century American Federalism (APSA Leonard D. White Award 1960)