Allen Linton II is a doctoral student in political science with a primary focus on American politics and secondary focus on Comparative politics. Specifically he is interested in youth politics; the role of new/digital media in political behavior, participation, and socialization; and local politics. Given the introduction of a new information communication technology, Allen argues that traditional (institutional) conceptions of politics miss meaningful political action and overstate youth apathy. His dissertation explores (1) to what degree new media is changing youth political socialization and subsequent behavior and (2) how political institutions/elites respond to political challenges from both online and offline spaces. Additionally, Allen works with the Youth & Participatory Politics Survey Project and coordinates the Black Youth Project New Media Research Team for the Educating for Participatory Politics project working with Chicago Public Schools' Global Citizenship Initiative to combine civics education with digital media.

Born in Chicago, Allen earned an AB with honors in Political Science from the University of Chicago in 2011.