David J. Knight is a PhD candidate in the Political Science Department at The University of Chicago, where he is also part of the Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences. Before coming to Chicago, David was a certified public high school teacher in the cities of Boston and San Francisco. This experience of teaching and working with young people in urban communities profoundly informs his research.

His current program of research examines how racialized public policies affect the transition to adulthood for young people across a range of inequalities, including incarceration and housing. Moreover, David is interested in understanding how urban schools and other social institutions inform the civic and political learning of young adults from historically marginalized and excluded communities.

David’s work has been supported by a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Grant in Law and Social Sciences, a Russell Sage Foundation Small Grant in Behavioral Economics, and a National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowship.

David received a bachelor’s degree in history from Dartmouth College, trained as a teacher at Stanford University, and began his research career as a master’s student at Harvard University. David expects to continue a program of research that reflects the conditions, challenges, and possibilities of urban communities.

For more information about David's program of research, please see his website