Jordie Davies is a doctoral candidate studying American Politics. Her research interests include Black politics, social movements, political participation, and political communication. Her research focuses on the influence of social movements and new media on political attitudes and participation.

Jordie’s dissertation, "From Adherents to Activists: The Process of Social Movement Mobilization" examines the modes of social movement support and their participatory outcomes, breaking down the various paths to political activism in contemporary social movements, particularly the Movement for Black Lives. 

Jordie is a 2017 Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship recipient and was selected as a 2015 member of the American Political Science Association's Minority Fellows Program. She is also a Graduate Researcher for the GenForward Survey of Millennials. Jordie has also been selected as a University of Chicago Urban Doctoral Fellow and an Art, Science, and Culture Graduate Fellow for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Jordie holds a Master of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. She received a BA in Political Science from Emory University, in Atlanta, GA, with a minor in Educational Studies.

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