Lucas G. Pinheiro is a PhD student in the department specializing in political theory and comparative politics. His research and teaching interests are in contemporary political theory, the history of political thought, and political economy. His work concerns the emergence and development of capitalism and economic science in the writings of modern political thinkers, from John Locke to Karl Marx. His dissertation, Factories of Modernity: The Rise of Capitalism in Political Theory, examines the historical junction and conceptual association between political economy, the capitalist mode of production, and modern political thought in the long eighteenth century. This project is supervised by Patchen Markell, Jennifer Pitts, Sankar Muthu, and Paul Cheney (History). Other areas of interest include problems in contemporary critical theory, such as the intersection of postindustrial capitalism and regimes of racialized labor in postwar America. Lucas’s work fosters an interdisciplinary dialogue with social, economic, intellectual, and art history.


University of Chicago
M.A., Political Science, 2015

University of Cambridge
M.Phil., Political Thought and Intellectual History, 2012

University of British Columbia
B.A. Honors (First Class), Political Science, 2011


“The Ableist Contract: Intellectual Disability and the Limits of Justice in Kant’s Political Thought,” Disability and Political Theory, edited by Barbara Arneil and Nancy J. Hirschmann. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press (2016): 43-78.

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