Collegiate Assistant Professor
Harper-Schmidt Fellow

Gates-Blake 403
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Samuel Garrett Zeitlin is a Collegiate Assistant Professor and Harper-Schmidt Fellow in the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts at the University of Chicago. He studies and teaches political philosophy, the history of political thought, and international relations. His dissertation, which he is currently working to revise into a scholarly monograph, examined the themes of war and peace in the political philosophy of Francis Bacon. His translation and edition (co-edited with R.A. Berman) of "Land and Sea" won an award in the "Religion" category at the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2016.

Recent publications:

Peer-reviewed journal articles
S.G. Zeitlin, “Interpretation and Critique: Jacob Taubes, Julien Freund, and the Interpretation of Hobbes,” in Telos 181 (Winter 2017), pp. 9-39.
S.G. Zeitlin, "Propaganda und Kritik: Eine Einführung in Land und Meer," in Politisches Denken. Jahrbuch 2017 (forthcoming).

Co-edited Book:

R.A. Berman and S.G. Zeitlin eds; S.G. Zeitlin trans. C. Schmitt, Land and Sea: A World-Historical Meditation (Candor, NY: Telos Press Publishing, 2015).!/Land-and-Sea-A-World-Historical-Meditation-paperback/p/55571962/category=4186633

Translated Book:

S.G. Zeitlin, trans. C. Schmitt, Dialogues on Power and Space (A. Kalyvas and F. Finchelstein eds.) (Cambridge, UK: Polity Press, 2015).

Other editions:

“Leviathan as Mortal God: On the Contemporaneity of Thomas Hobbes” (edition and translation of J. Taubes, “Statt einer Einleitung: Leviathan als Sterblicher Gott, Zur Aktualität von Thomas Hobbes,”), Telos 181 (Winter 2017), pp. 48-64.

“The Contemporaneity of Thomas Hobbes” (edition and translation of J. Freund, “Die Aktualität des Thomas Hobbes”), Telos 181 (Winter 2017), pp. 40-47.