Tejas Parasher is a PhD candidate in political theory. His research centers on constitutionalism and democratic theory in the history of modern political thought, with a particular focus on the politics of decolonization and twentieth-century South Asia. His dissertation, Towards Economic Democracy: Property and Anti-Imperial Constitutionalism in India, examines the rise of property ownership and state-led economic transformations as discourses of postcolonial democratic governance in India through the 1940s. Other areas of research include: comparative political thought, inequality and redistribution in democratic and republican theory, and the history and philosophy of human rights.


MA Political Science, University of Chicago, 2015
BA Honors (High Distinction) Political Science, University of Toronto, 2013

Key Publications:

“Inequality and Tumulti in Machiavelli’s Aristocratic Republics,” Polity 49.1 (2017): 42-68. Available: http://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/abs/10.1086/689975.

Other Publications:

“India, the United Nations, and Moving Beyond Anti-Colonialism,” Routes Forum — University of Edinburgh. April 27, 2016. https://routesblog.com/tag/race/