We are a department committed to intellectual rigor and believe that when theory and careful empirical analysis are joined together in an environment of purposeful interrogation significant insights for the discipline, our communities, and the world emerge. Our faculty has wide-ranging interests and they approach their work from varying interdisciplinary, theoretical and empirical perspectives. We are not committed to a discipline but instead to the unyielding pursuit of new paradigms for understanding the world. Here are some of the most recent books by our faculty.

Albertus, Michael. Autocracy and Redistribution: The Politics of Land Reform. Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Bloch Rubin, Ruth. Building the Bloc: Intraparty Organization in the U.S. Congress. Cambridge University Press, 2017.

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Dawson, Michael. Blacks In and Out of the Left: Past, Present, and FutureHarvard University Press, 2013.

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Herrigel, Gary. Globale Qualitätsproduktion. Campus Verlag, 2017.

Howell, William. Relic: How Our Constitution Undermines Effective Government—and Why We Need a More Powerful Presidency. Basic Books, 2016.

Howell, William. Thinking about the American PresidencyPrinceton University Press, 2013.

Howell, William. The Wartime President (with Jackman and Rogowski). University of Chicago Press, 2013.

McCormick, John. Weimar Thought: A Contested LegacyPrinceton University Press, 2013.

McCormick, John. Machiavellian DemocracyCambridge University Press, 2011.

Mearsheimer, John J. Why Leaders Lie: The Truth about Lying in International PoliticsOxford University Press, 2011.

Oliver, Eric. Local Elections and the Politics of Small Scale DemocracyPrinceton University Press, 2012.

Padgett, John. The Emergence of Organizations and Markets (with Woody Powell). Princeton University Press, 2012.

Patty, John. Social Choice and Legitimacy: The Possibilities of Impossibility (with Elizabeth Maggie Penn). Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Patty, John. Learning While Governing (with Sean Gialmard). University of Chicago Press, 2012. 

Penn, Elizabeth Maggie. Social Choice and Legitimacy: The Possibilities of Impossibility (with John Patty). Cambridge University Press, 2014.

Pitts, Jennifer. The Law of Nations in Global History. Oxford University Press, 2017.

Staniland, Paul. Networks of Rebellion: Explaining Insurgent Cohesion and Collapse. Cornell University Press, 2014.

Zerilli, Linda. A Democratic Theory of Judgment. University of Chicago Press, 2016.