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Office Hours: On Leave 2017-18

Chiara Cordelli is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago. Her main area of research is contemporary analytical political theory. Her research interests include the relationship between the distributive and relational dimensions of equality; the moral and institutional division of labor between state and civil society in theories of justice; the public/private distinction in liberal theory; the nature of duties of beneficence and the ethics of philanthropy; and the ethical limits of privatization. Before joining Chicago, she was a lecturer at the University of Exeter (UK), a visiting research scholar at the Center for Human Values at Princeton University, a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University, as well as a visiting scholar at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Political Philosophy, Political Studies, British Journal of Political Science, Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy, and Political Studies Review. She co-edited Philanthropy in Democratic Societies, forthcoming with the University of Chicago Press.

Selected Publications:

  • “Philanthropy in Democratic Societies (co-edited with Rob Reich and Lucy Bernholz), the University of Chicago Press, 2016. (Reviewed in the Wall Street Journal)
  • “Democratizing Organized Religion,” Journal of Politics, forthcoming 2017.
  • “Cultural Proceduralism, Cultural Preservation, and Children’s Education,” Political Theory, forthcoming 2017 (essay for symposium on Alan Patten’s Equal Recognition).
  • “Neutrality of What?” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, forthcoming 2017.
  • “Justice Below the State: Civil Society as a Site of Justice,” British Journal of Political Science, 2016.
  • “Justice as Fairness and Relational Resources,” Journal of Political Philosophy, 2015. (Selected by the Philosopher’s Annual as one of the ten best articles published in all philosophy in 2015).
  • “Distributive Justice and the Problem of Friendship,” Political Studies, 2015.
  • “The Institutional Division of Labor and the Egalitarian Obligations of Nonprofits,” Journal of Political Philosophy, 2012.
  • “Philanthropy and Intergenerational Justice” (with Rob Reich), in Axel Gosseries and Iñigo González-Ricoy (eds.), Institutions for Future Generations, Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017.
  • “Privatization Without Profit?” In Jack Knight and Melissa Schwartzberg (eds.), Nomos LVII: Privatization, New York University Press, forthcoming 2017.
  • “Reparative Justice and the Moral Limits of Discretionary Philanthropy,” in Reich, Cordelli, and Bernholz (eds.), Philanthropy in Democratic Societies, (winner of the Midwest Political Science Association's 2017 Review of Politics Award).

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