To meet our student's and faculty's special needs, the political science department has designed several workshops. Within the department, there are workshops in American politics, comparative politics, East Asia, nations and nationalism, organizations and state building, political theory, Middle East politics, and international relations. In addition, there are literally dozens of interdisciplinary workshops throughout the University — from law and economics to Judaic studies — all of them open to political science students. There are also several centers with strong ties to the department. Together, they produce an active intellectual environment for faculty and students. These centers and workshops are important sites for discussion and debate. But they are not enclosed universes, segregating scholars in small fiefdoms. Quite the contrary. Most students and faculty are involved in several programs and seminars, creating a larger dialogue within the department. Taken together, the department's workshops have created an active community among students and faculty members, one engaged in lively debate about current research. Students at Chicago play a vital role in this discourse, and their education reflects its importance. In the end, it is this lively debate and original scholarship that define education at Chicago.

The following list includes links to some of the workshops in which faculty and students of the department participate more actively:

For a list of all the graduate workshops in the humanities and social sciences, click here.