Assistant Professor

Pick Hall 521
773 702 8564
Autumn Quarter Office Hours: Mondays 2:00-3:30 pm

James Lindley Wilson received his PhD in Politics from Princeton University in 2011, and his JD from Yale Law School in 2007. Jim’s research interests span political philosophy, ethics, and law. Most of his work has focused on normative democratic theory, including the moral evaluation of democracy and questions of what democratic ideals require of citizens and institutions. His manuscript, “Finding Time for Democracy: A Theory of Political Equality,” attempts to articulate the moral force of the democratic idea that all citizens are equal political authorities, and to explain how that abstract idea ought to regulate the design and operation of political institutions. He is working on related problems on the nature and value of equality, and on the value (if any) of political philosophy in responding to racial injustice. Jim also researches election law and the history of political thought, including the work of Aristotle, Hobbes, Kant, and the Federalists. He has published articles in the American Political Science Review, the Review of Politics, and Representation

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